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Like 2 Discount – Tour

Like 2 Discount plugin can be fully customized to fit your business needs. It provides 30+ options to allow you to configure the plugin just the way you want, here are some of the key areas you can change in L2D plugin:

  • Enable or disable popup at any time
  • Facebook page to like
  • Coupon amount and other parameters
  • Modal title and description
  • Enter and exit modal effects
  • Custom email templates
  • Image banners and text banners
  • Popup triggering parameters

Simply enter your Facebook page url for users to like it when they want to get the discount coupon, thats all.

It uses latest Facebook JS SDK to check whether the user likes the page and what is important, it will not violate any Facebook policy.

Coupon parameters will be used to create coupon after liking the facebook page and successful email confirmation.

Each coupon created by Like 2 Discount plugin will be shown on your WooCommerce Coupon management section by using the parameters you set on L2D options panel.

Supported coupon options:

  • Individual Use
    • Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
  • Allow or not free shipping for generated coupon
  • Apply before tax or not
  • Discount type of the coupon
    • Cart discount in %
    • Cart discount in fixed value of the current currency
    • Product discount in %
    • Product discount in fixed value of the current currency
  • Coupon amount to be given (price or percentage depending on Discount type)
  • Coupon availability in days (optional)
  • Granted coupons per single email (1+)
  • Usage limit per coupon
  • Usage limit per user
  • Minimum spending for the coupon
  • Select custom products to be in cart to make the coupon available
    • Opposite of not having certain product in cart can be also applied
  • Select custom categories for product to be in to make the coupon available
    • Opposite of not having from a certain product category in cart can be also applied

Banner features:

  • Three supported sections for banners to show the discount offer with many varieties. Here are the supported sections:
    • Single item
    • Products loop
    • Side banner on every page of the site
  • You can show image banner or text banner.
    • Media browser popup for image selection is available.
  • Banners can have custom styling.
    • Modify colors, margins and other styling options for the banner.
  • For each section of banner you have positioning options.

Depending on your coupon parameters you set, it will guide what content and title of modal you will display to customers.

Modal title and body text can be modified on L2D options panel on WooCommerce settings.

Email confirmation as second step

Like 2 Discount plugin requires each email to be verified before the coupon is made available for use.

All registered emails will be saved on database (accessible on WooCommerce > L2D Emails) and you can export them to CSV.


Email template customization

Each one of you can make unique confirmation email for the coupon simply by editing text area block in the L2D options panel.

Email templates contain variable strings such as #site-name#, #coupon-code# and #coupon-name# so you can arrange them to fit to your site brand.

Two intuitive ways of displaying the “Like 2 Discount” modal for users who want to acquire the discount.

First of them is when the user enters the site for the first time, and after a configurable delay i.e. 5 seconds the popup modal will be automatically shown to user (one time only).

The next method of displaying modal is after users adds any product to cart, the popup will be shown after user successfully adds a product to cart (one time only).

Bothe of these options can be used simultaneously or you can choose to use any or none of them.

Like 2 Discount is also mobile friendly apart from its general support for large screens. Open the modal and try to resize the window, see how it reacts.


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All you have to do is to like our Facebook Page and confirm it with your email.

Note: The generated coupon number will be valid only after you confirm your email ownership.